Market Report – December 8, 2016

Dryness in Argentina is estimated to be affecting about 30% of their corn belt. This Friday the USDA releases their monthly WASDE report and it is expected that they will increase global stocks of both corn and wheat.


Get together with your friendly local Certified Crop Advisor to plan 2017 now and work on a crop budget to set sell orders.  This is also the time to take the best advantage of early order discounts on crop inputs.  Book inputs for less and crop for a higher price is a double win!


The barrel is at $50.19 this week.  The Canadian Dollar is trading at 75.55. 


North Gower Grains bid for corn delivered at harvest is bid at $184/te. 2017 harvest corn are at $196/te delivered to North Gower.


Palmerston Grain is bidding for crop Hard Red Spring Wheat 2017 crop delivered at harvest is at $223/te.


Soybeans delivered to North Gower Grains are bid in at $485/tonne at harvest.   2017 harvest soybeans are at $475/te delivered to North Gower.


Current bid for canola delivered to Hamilton for new crop bid is $544/te. For January 2017 Canola delivered to Hamilton bid is $523/te


Harvest is here! Please be careful and watch for slow moving vehicles on the road, they are working hard to feed your family!



Thanks, Emily Bromley

Barclay Dick & Son Farm Supply




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