Market Report – December 22, 2016

Get together with your friendly local Certified Crop Advisor to plan 2017 now and work on a crop budget to set sell orders.  This is also the time to take the best advantage of early order discounts on crop inputs.  Book inputs for less and crop for a higher price is a double win!


The barrel is at $51.28 this week.  The Canadian Dollar is trading at 74.60. 


North Gower Grains bid for corn delivered at harvest is bid at $179/te. 2017 harvest corn are at $192/te delivered to North Gower.


Palmerston Grain is bidding for crop Hard Red Spring Wheat 2017 crop delivered at harvest is at $222/te.


Soybeans delivered to North Gower Grains are bid in at $466/tonne at harvest.   2017 harvest soybeans are at $463/te delivered to North Gower.


Current bid for canola delivered to Hamilton for new crop bid is $527/te. For January 2017 Canola delivered to Hamilton bid is $540/te


From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!



Thanks, Emily Bromley

Barclay Dick & Son Farm Supply

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