Market Report – March 9/17

Market Report – March 9/17

The WASDE report will be released later today and is expected to increase production numbers in South America for both corn and soybeans. There is also a small chance that the United States ending inventory numbers will be decreased for this year.


The barrel is at $50.28 this week.  The Canadian Dollar is trading at 73.9. 


North Gower Grains bid for corn delivered for March is bid at $191/te. 2017 harvest corn are at $193/te delivered to North Gower.


Palmerston Grain is bidding for crop Hard Red Spring Wheat 2017 crop delivered at harvest is at $224/te.


Soybeans delivered to North Gower Grains are bid in at $472/tonne for March.   2017 harvest soybeans are at $476/te delivered to North Gower.


Current bid for canola delivered to Hamilton for March bid is $559/te. For harvest 2017 Canola delivered to Hamilton bid is $526/te


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