Market Report – April 27/17

Market Report – April 27/17

Corn futures are closed lower on Wednesday with talk about Washington exiting NAFTA, which would have had Mexico looking elsewhere for corn. Soybeans also lost ground as the market had pressure on it from thoughts of higher US soybean acres and weakness in Brazil’s currency which could cause farmers in the South American country to sell more.


The barrel is at $49.17 this week.  The Canadian Dollar is trading at 73.70. 


North Gower Grains bid for corn delivered for April is bid at $186/te. 2017 harvest corn are at $190/te delivered to North Gower.


Palmerston Grain is bidding for crop Hard Red Spring Wheat 2017 crop delivered at harvest is at $228/te.


Soybeans delivered to North Gower Grains are bid in at $441/tonne for April.   2017 harvest soybeans are at $449/te delivered to North Gower.


Current bid for canola delivered to Hamilton for April bid is $559/te. For harvest 2017 Canola delivered to Hamilton bid is $517/te


Plant 17 has arrived! Please remember to keep a safe distance between farm machinery and yourself on busy roads.

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