Market Report – Feb 15/18

Soybeans were once pulled higher yesterday with soymeal prices. The dry weather in Argentina is continuing.  The dry weather is bringing out more talk about further cuts for both soybean and corn production. This being said there will have to be large cutbacks in the production of soybeans to make up for the large crop in Brazil.


The Canadian dollar is currently at $0.801 cents/US$.


The barrel is at $60.80 this week.  


North Gower Grains bidding $161/te for this year’s crop corn. Harvest 2018 is bid at $192/te.


Palmerston Grain is bidding Hard Red Winter Wheat 2018 Hard Red Winter wheat is bid at $205/te



Soybeans delivered to North Gower Grains are bid in at $442/tonne.   2018 harvest soybeans delivered at harvest are at $442/te.


Current bid for 2017 canola delivered to Hamilton is $525/te. 


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