About Us

Barclay Dick & Son Farm Supply was founded by Barclay, Eva and their son Kevin Dick in 1981. They started with a bull test station, feedlot, cow-calf operation, pedigree seed business and cash cropping. In 1988, Barclay and Eva sold the business to Kevin and his wife Veronica. In 1991, Kevin built Renfrew County’s ¬†first fertilizer blend plant and developed a full service retail crop inputs business which later became the entity of Barclay Dick & Son Farm Supply Ltd. The cattle portion of the business was phased out in full by 2001, allowing more time and resources to be invested into the farming and retail portions of the business.

In 2006, Kevin and Veronica’s daughter, Jennifer Doelman purchased into the retail business, joined in 2008 by her husband Michael Doelman. in that same year, Kevin, Veronica, Michael and Jennifer formed the farming partnership of Barclay Dick & Son Farm Supply.

In early 2013, additional shareholders purchased into Barclay Dick & Son Farm Supply Ltd.: Chris and Kelly Armstrong, Charlene Whattam and Ryan Dick.

The retail business continues to expand its capacity with capital additions to is spreader and sprayer fleets as well as its commitment to customer service.

Our Team


Kevin Dick

Owner and Operations Supervisor


Charlene Whattam

Owner, CCA, Office Manager and Logistics


Emily Bromley

Feed Manager, Customer Service, Event Coordinator


Michael Doelman

Owner, Main Forman, Operations Manager

Group shots March 2016 163

Production Crew

L -R : Michael Doelman, Dan Heins, Dale Gibbons, James Larocque, Jesse Scobie


Jennifer Doelman

Owner, CCA, Tresurer – Financial Officer and Logistics


Chris Armstrong

Owner, Sales Manager, CCA, Spray Operations Foreman, Logistics

Group shots March 2016 164

Shop Crew

Top to Bottom

Jeff denHollander, Michael Doelman, Mitch Stinson, Kevin Topham

Missing from photo: Danny Price