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We currently carry a wide variety of products to suit your needs. Contact the office today for more information on these great products!

Crystalyx Barrels 

  • Breed-Up Line
  • Mineralyx
  • Vp-30


  • Calf Starter/Grower
  •  HeiferSmart Premixes, Complete Feeds and Supplements
  • Fresh Cow Premixes, Complete Feeds and Supplements
  • Dry Cow Premixes, Complete Feeds and Supplements


  • Mineral and Premixes
  • Complete Feeds
  • Supplements
  • Creep Feed


  • Chick Starter/Grower
  • Pullet Grower
  • Layer Feed
  • Turkey Feed
  • Duck & Goose


  • Mineral
  • Lamb Starter/Grower
  • Ewe Feed


  • Swine Feed
  • Rabbit Feed

Scratch Feed Grain

This scratch feed grain is a great way introduce animals to grain. It is a rolled feed that is approximately 10% in protein. It can be fed to stocker calves, cows, and sheep. A compliment supplement to conventional grower rations for meat hens and layers. Contains 45% corn, 50% mixed grain and 5% peas.

Available in 55 lbs or 500 kg


Feed Grains

Currently we carry 25 kg bags of the following:

  • whole oats
  • barley
  • wheat
  • whole corn
  • rolled/cracked corn

We also carry the following in 500 kg totes

  • whole corn
  • whole oats

Wildlife Feed

We offer two different wild life mixes:

  • Deer Survival Mix
    • Used to offer nourishment in the winter months
    • Composed of rolled corn, mixed grains and peas
    • Available in 35 lbs bags


  • Wild Turkey Survival Mix
    • This economical combination of energy, protein and grits will help sustain wild turkeys
    • Available in 30 lbs bags


Currently we stock Saltec Blocks and Bags

  • Blue (20 kg blocks or 25kg bags)
  • Selenium (20 kg blocks or 25kg bags)
  • Trace Mineral (20 kg blocks)
  • White Stock Salt (25 kg bag)

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